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“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” This quote does speak for our lack of awareness on the huge potential of 3000 MW of wind energy in Nepal while experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis. Under the SWERA Report (2008), an assessment carried out on the area within 10 km buffer zone from existing NEA national grid line shows that Annapurna Conservation Area alone covers 143 sq. km above wind power density (WPD) of 300 Watt/ m². With the 5 MW installed per sq. km yielding 716 MW, it certainly is huge enough to outdo the power cuts and get started on the path of sustainable development through clean energy generation and promotion of new technologies in Nepal.

Area under different WPD in Annapurna conservation area 

S No. Wind Power Density (WPD) Average WPD Area (Km²) Potential @ 5 MW/KM²
1 <100 21 1485
2 100-200 142.86 205.43
3 200-300 242 13.36
4 300-400 318.33 35.6 178
5 400-500 437.33 30.12 150.6
6 >600 918.4 77.6 388
Total 1847.11 716.6

Wind resource potential mapping of only limited vicinity of Annapurna conservation area shows the potential of 716 MW which makes one wonder on overall potential if the assessment of the entire region is accomplished. It will definitely surpass the aforesaid potential of 3000 MW. Nepal, which has huge potential of green power generation, lacks the required research, authorization, economic support and the drive to make it happen. WindPower Nepal Pvt. Ltd seeks to change that reality.