Feasibility Study for On-grid and Off-grid Solar Project image

Feasibility Study for On-grid and Off-grid Solar Project

On-grid solar photo-voltaic (PV) farms refer to utility grid-connected solar energy systems.  They consist of solar panels, mounting arrangements,  one or more inverters and grid connection equipment. In addition, such systems could have maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, battery backup, and solar trackers for maximum power output from the plant.

Pre-feasibility study:
Pre-feasibility study of an area to determine system capacity, road accessibility, shading, grid connectivity, climatic conditions and other parameters that can be helpful later on in the installation and designing phases.

Vendor Finalization:
Vendor Finalization for selection of certified equipment required throughout the project.

Project planning:
Project planning includes detailed engineering drawing, plant layout, execution plan and infrastructure requirements. We also help to find the investor to fund the project.

Delivery of equipment:
All the equipment will be delivered to site after the appropriate testing and quality checks are complete.

Installation and commissioning:
Installation and commissioning of mounting arrangements, solar PV panels, and other electrical equipment are required. Conducting final tests and handover of the system after all the results are collected from all part of the design calculation. We provide service and maintenance of site for up to 3 years.