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Urban solar scheme

WindPower Nepal is a registered company through AEPC working on the Solar Subsidy Program. WPN will assist in all government procedures to obtain grants for the installation of solar systems for households and government institutions such as schools and hospitals.

The following documents are required for getting subsidies, all of which will be carried out by WPN:

Energy demand analysis of system

Land ownership document

Quotation for solar system

Proof of installation from registered company

Currently, AEPC provides subsidies for solar systems in two categories which are briefly explained below:

Small solar home system (SHS) with peak power between 10 Wp to20 Wp: maximum of NRs 5,000 is subsidized.

SHS with peak power 50 Wp or more: maximum of NRs 10,000 is subsidized.

For solar powered systems in government institutions in rural areas, 65% of subsidy is provided whose project cost is less than NRs 5,00,000.

For households having an inverter and battery, in installation of 200 Wp or more, NRs 20,000 is provided as a subsidy for charging battery systems through solar.

For the commercial sector and households having a peak power of 1500 Wp or more and 500 Wp or more respectively, 5 year loan at deduction of 50 % and 75 % interest rate respectively can be obtained from the bank.

For government entities who are willing to install solar systems, 60 % of total cost not exceeding NRs 5,00,000 is contributed.